Trump Should Return to Diplomacy with Iran before It's Too Late

Trump Should Return to Diplomacy with Iran before It's Too Late

Trump Should Return to Diplomacy with Iran before It's Too Late

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, meanwhile, ordered all non-essential, non-emergency government staff on Wednesday to leave Iraq immediately amid escalating tensions with Iran.

With tensions between the two nations reaching unsafe levels, U.S. Democratic presidential candidates have joined progressive anti-war groups in vowing to oppose the Trump administration's efforts to start a military conflict with Iran.

The United States withdrew staff from its embassy in Iraq on Wednesday out of apparent concern about perceived threats from Iran, with US sources saying they believe Tehran encouraged the attacks on the oil tankers.

The United States has sent further military forces to the Middle East, including an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers and Patriot missiles, in a show of force against what U.S. officials say are Iranian threats to its troops and interests in the region. Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu may be the only world leader who has proactively praised the Trump Administration's tough stance on Iran.

A statement from the official Saudi news agency said that it was important to face "terrorist entities, including the Houthi militias in Yemen that are backed by Iran". As the row over the different British and American threat assessments show, that is not necessarily true.

"I went through this same thing in Iraq, a war that was championed by people like John Bolton who lied to us and the American people saying, "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction; he's going to give them to al-Qaeda" - evidence that turned out to be false", Gabbard said.

The MT Andrea Victory, one of the alleged targets, sustained a hole in its hull just above its waterline from "an unknown object", its owner Thome Ship Management said in a statement. -Iranian tension following Washington's decision this month to try to cut Iran's oil exports to zero and to beef up its military presence in the Gulf in response to what it said were Iranian threats.

Employees were ordered to "depart Iraq by commercial transportation as soon as possible" and avoid USA facilities in Iraq, according to the statement.

Khamenei said issues such as Iran's ballistic missile program and its "strategic depth"-meaning influence in other nations across the region-were not up for discussion, despite Trump's insistence that any new deal must limit both".

Pelosi warned that the administration can not rely on the most recent use-of-force authorization approved by Congress almost 20 years ago for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both the USA and Iran have said they do not want war, and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday he had indications "things will end well" despite the rhetoric.

"Neither we, nor them, is seeking war".

Germany and the Netherlands said Wednesday they were suspending training of soldiers in Iraq.

"As we pointed out previously, Mr. Trump is in danger of being cornered into choosing between a counterproductive use of force and allowing Iran to cross red lines".

"They have no business declaring a war without the consent of Congress", she said.

"Congress has not authorized war with Iran, and the administration, if it were contemplating military action with Iran, must come to Congress to seek approval", said Sen.

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